Thursday, 29 May 2008

Review: Resell Rights for Newbies

It's no secret that I don't just recommend everything and anything that comes along. I find it more important to be objective with my reviews so that you can make a sound decision about the products and services I recommend here.

This means that I take an in-depth look at Internet marketing products and share my objective findings with you so then you can make an informed decision.

Today's review is on a program called ‘Resell Rights For Newbies’ from Liz Tomey and John Hostler.

Now I don't often get excited about resell products but this is something a little bit different... ‘Resell Rights For Newbies’ is actually a complete system designed to teach new marketers how to start and build their own Internet business from scratch, using resell rights products.

Now with that said, this does not mean if you run out and purchase a 20 pack of resell rights products that you will make thousands the very next day.

And that’s why most programs fall short...they sell the sizzle and not the steak. They tell you that by purchasing resell rights products you are sure to make money.

You see, it's still a business and must be treated as such.

In order to be successful with Resell Rights products you need to:

• know where to find quality products that aren't being marketed by everyone under the sun
• know how to set up a web site to market those products
• have the marketing tricks up your sleeve to be able to move the products
• know how to drive traffic to your web site

It is a step by step program that covers the 4 crucial components above by way of video tutorials, ebooks, and a web based tool kit.

Liz and John really went to town with ‘Resell Rights For Newbies’ and have laid out a system that anyone can follow, regardless of experience level. It’s no fluff and because it’s been done in multimedia, accommodates people with all different types of learning styles.

Oh, and if you’re feeling weary because you’ve heard it all before...well, Liz and John have done the unthinkable and made this available for FREE for a limited time.

The bottom line on ‘Resell Rights For Newbies’ is that it’s a weapon you should put in your marketing arsenal...and quickly. Take a look, click here:

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