Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Finding A Suitable Work At Home Career

Do you have a potential home business idea or are you considering the many options available?

I thought to start today we could take a look at the many possibilities of work at home career’s available. The list is vast – plenty of options.

Affiliate Marketing
Crafts – Candles, Greetings Card, Quilts, Scrapbooking
Cosmetics – Making, selling
Desktop Publishing
eBay Selling
eBooks – writing/marketing
Event Planning
Health & Beauty
Health Care
Internet Marketing
Internet Store / Dropshipping
Jewellery – Design & Creation
Medical Billing/Transcription
Movie Reviewer
Mystery Shopper
Online Trading
Party Planner
Travel Writer
Website Designer
Wedding Planner
Writer – articles, children’s books, letters,

Once you have decided on your chosen path, the next step is to create a business plan which I will start with you tomorrow.

Until then...


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