Saturday, 12 April 2008

Tips To Consider When Starting Home Business

For those of you considering a home based business here are some basic tips for you to think about over the weekend:

*When you start make a list of everything you are interested in.
*Find out what people want. Their question is always – What’s in it for me?
*Research if others are providing the same service.
*Can you offer a better service?
*Discover which companies gained success.
*Find out why some companies failed.
*Keep your prices at the right level, too high they won’t buy; too low they will think you are too cheap.
*Keep your costs in check.
*Look to your strengths.
*Change your weaknesses.
*Set a limit on your monetary outgoings.
*Plan ahead.
*Look after your customers.
*Watch out for internet scams.
*Above all enjoy your life, it will show in your work.

Good Luck


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