Tuesday, 22 April 2008

How To Keep The Excitement Going


So - You started your new home based business.

How is it going?

Are you still able to jump excitedly out of bed in the morning or are you finding some days a little bit of a struggle?

This is nothing to worry about and happens quite often to ‘newbie’ home workers. The initial thrill of setting up your business begins to wane, just a little, a couple of weeks later. Obviously cash flow into your company is not exactly as high as your dreams – not yet.

Quite normal for you to panic. “Have I done the right thing?”

This is when I hope you have started your business based on something that you are passionate about. Nothing worse then beginning a scheme solely on what you think will work. If you are genuinely interested in your company’s product/service, then you will show to your clients your enthusiasm. If you firmly believe in your business, then this will show to your customers, sales are then easier.

So tomorrow morning if you wake and have any doubts, ask yourself, “Is this what I want to be doing?” Start the day positive and excited.

It will show in every way.

'til next time


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