Thursday, 24 April 2008

Stop Paying Those Crazy Fuel Prices – Check This Out


I know this is supposed to be a blog to help you start working from home, but when I heard about this site I just had to check them out:

This is no joke.

How much are you paying for fuel these days? Every minute it seems the price per gallon just gallops sky high! And then they have the nerve to increase every price of every article delivered to supermarkets. Where will it end?

So when a friend passed me this site, it really captured my attention.

How you can run a car on water (okay part water – but you still save a lot of money!)

I’m not going to even try and describe how it works, look at the site, incredible. I am seriously going to talk to my garage though. Anything to save money.

Take a look and they offer a 56 day guarantee:

Would be great to hear what you think, leave a comment.
Does anyone know anything about this, I need to investigate!

Back to normal service tomorrow


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