Thursday, 10 April 2008

Teleworking At Home


I have apologies to make, this blog is I know titled ‘Start a Home Business’, however it has been drawn to my attention that in the beginning I failed to mention the possibility of keeping your office job but telecommuting from home.

After all nearly everything we do in life can be done on a computer (well nearly everything!) From your mail to banking to travel arrangements to shopping to .....oh...everything! So why not your office job?

You of course reap all those rewards that you wanted in your desire to work from home. Try if you can to convince your company of the many advantages in your teleworking. You can be far more productive at home, think of the time saved by no chatting with colleagues.

More and more employers are encouraging this, the facts do show workers are happier and production is higher. With the price of gas at the moment, the car can stand just where it is and think of the benefits of helping to reduce those terrible morning traffic jams. With the internet, telephone, fax, video conferencing and more, there is no better time .

One possibility for you to think about.

Has anyone out there done this? Please let us know. Would love to hear your views.


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